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Company history

What's Intergroupe?


The Intergroupe Assurances group was founded in 1996 by five dynamic brokerage firms wanting to unite their efforts to provide additional markets to their respective clientele.


The Intergroupe Assurances Inc. firm, also created in 1996, is the focal point and acts as a market intermediary for the exclusive use of its affiliated members and shareholders.


A little history...


In 1999, the arrival of new shareholders and Mr. Robert Dupont as project leader injected new life into Intergroupe. Mr. Dupont, on the strength of his 40 years of experience in the field, took on this new challenge with passion and dedication. He received a lot of help from Mr. Roger Pelletier who was then head of the Hallé Couture Assurances firm.


Beginning in 2001, Intergroupe's new approach - based on respect, mutual understanding and especially freedom of action - quickly attracted a large number of affiliated firms and insurers. This formula is still the key factor in the success of our group.


In 2004 major investments were made to consolidate the risk placement and marketing and management support divisions. That same year, Intergroupe opened its new spacious and modern office in Quebec City's Ste-Foy borough.


In 2007 the company spruced up its brand image. Our new colours better reflected the Intergroupe brand's deployment strategy.

From 2013, the arrival of Alain Du Sault as CEO strengthens the management team and allows Intergroupe to be the banner that offers the more services to its members.

October 2015: Mr. Sylvain Racine, Mr. Louis Cyr, Mr. Christian Foisy and Mr. Bernard Laporte are taking the reins of Intergroupe with much enthusiasm, and their heads filled with projects to come. The vision and synergy of the group,which is made up of three business men who are currently part of Intergroupe, and a seasoned manager, will allow a well-established company—and as a result, an industry often viewed as outdated—to evolve. The transaction brings with it an important wind of change; the new shareholders’ projections include modernizing the business process, opening up new markets, offering a wider selection of products, and thus becoming the new major insurance player in the country.

The next few years may prove just as exciting and you can be sure that we will always be in the forefront in the wonderful realm of insurance.

A tremendous progress!


From $30 million in total premium volume in 1996, our group now totals more than 700 millions $ in total premium volume.


From the five member firms we had in 1996, we now have more than 70 member firms.


The real reason behind our success...

Our group is made up of people who have their clients' best interests at heart. We are insurance professionals and enthusiasts. People will always be the main reason behind the success of our company.

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