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Intact Assurance - Your farm

Farmer’s Package Policy

A precious resource

Your farm is a precious resource. Not only for you, but for the rest of us as well. It’s a business like no other, and we know how much care and planning it takes to operate it. That’s why we developed the Farmer’s Package Policy*. Whether we’re protecting your residence, your farm, your equipment, your animals or your lost income due to damage, this comprehensive plan gives you the confidence to devote all your attention to your day-to-day work without worrying about whether you are properly protected.

Complete protection, worry-free
Here’s what the Farmer’s package covers.
• Your dwelling, with a program tailored to your individual needs
• Farm buildings, barns, stables, silos, sheds, etc.
• Farm implements
• Equipment breakdown
• Animals
• Farm products
• Loss of income
• Office equipment, computers, etc.
• Liability (both personal and for your farming operation)
• Farmer’s Umbrella Liability Insurance

Outstanding service
• Emergency hotline open 7 days-24 hours a day.
• A preventive approach including inspections by fire prevention specialists.
• Instaprime, our monthly direct debit plan with no financing charges.
• No-charge legal assistance including confidential advice from experienced lawyers.†
• Rewards for your loyalty, year after year, every time you renew your policy.

Invite your broker to the farm
Ask your broker to show you the Farmer’s Package Policy and give you a quote. You’ll see an insurance plan that is up to the demands of your farming operation.

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* Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply
† Service is provided by the firm Assistenza International.

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