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« Soyez vigilant » program benefits with Groupe Vigilance

« Soyez vigilant » program benefits with Groupe Vigilance

Who is Groupe Vigilance?

Founded in 2002, Groupe Vigilance is one of the fastest growing security systems company in Quebec. This company counts on a dynamic team of sales professionals and experienced technicians.

As you know, water damage is a growing scourge. Groupe Vigilance also impose itself as the best solution to the problem by proposing to incorporate the installation of a valve cutting off the water supply when the security system is armed or when a probe detects a water leak.

So much benefits for you!

  • A security system with no initial cost to rent or very attractive discounts ff you purchase;
  • Protection against water damage included in the " Soyez Vigilant " offer;
  • Possibility to choose an advanced system that integrates home automation;
  • Exclusive Groupe Vigilance Warranty on GE products;
  • Exclusive Groupe Vigilance discounts on your home insurance policy with certain insurers;
  • And a whole lot more!

To enjoy these benefits, please immediately contact an Intergroupe member firm in your area for your home insurance. Ask to be referred to Groupe Vigilance for a free evaluation of your needs in term of home security and home automation.

Click here to find an Intergroupe member firm near you.

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