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Chubb - Watercraft

For many people, a sailboat or cruiser plays an important role in your lifestyle. Like most insurance products, you need to ensure that your insurance provider is offering the best insurance package available for your particular yacht.

There are many insurers who may offer some type of insurance protection at a low cost, but there are huge differences in what is actually covered from policy to policy.

These include:

  • Emergency towing and service—up to $1000 with no deductible.
  • Coverage for ice and /or freezing.
  • Trailers up to $3500 subject to a $250 deductible.
  • Mechanical breakdown/faulty repair.
  • Sails—we will replace all sails that are less than three years old ‘new for old’, including spinnakers.
  • Operating other watercraft—we cover you when you operate other watercraft.
  • Tender coverage at no additional cost with no deductible.
  • Fishing tackle coverage up to $10,000 subject to a $250 deductible.
  • Removal of wreck when you are legally required to do so.
  • Water-skiing—other companies may lower liability limits or exclude coverage when the watercraft is used for water-skiing, we don’t.
  • Watercraft equipment on shore. We cover it up to the full physical damage amount on the policy. Most insurers restrict this coverage.
  • Full-time paid crew liability. Our policy covers the liability of all full-time paid crew members including the captain.
  • A Chubb Yacht Policy takes the guesswork out of insuring your yacht. Its “all-risk” approach offers broad coverage, including mechanical breakdown. We also cover all the expensive gadgets and furnishings you have on board, for their replacement value.
  • If your yacht is going to be out of commission due to a covered loss, Chubb will even pay to rent you one, so you won’t have to miss any of the season.

Of course, like all Chubb products, our Yacht Policy customers benefit from what many consider to be the best claims response in the industry, ensuring that, when you suffer a loss to your watercraft, Chubb will help you through the claims process – quickly and equitably.

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