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Additional coverages (endorsements)

We can provide you with endorsements to supplement the coverage of your motorcycle Insurance policy. They can be added or removed according to your specific needs.

Check out the following articles to learn more about the additional coverages we offer:

Protect your investment

Change to Loss Payment Endorsement (F.A.Q. No 43 A to D)

Have you have added guarantees FAQ no 43a and 43d to your insurance policy? In the event of a partial loss, your vehicle will be repaired with new original parts, with no deduction for depreciation. In the event of a total loss, you will receive compensation equal to the amount you paid for your motorcycle. In certain cases, the coverage period can extend up to four years.

Replacement Warranty coverage:

A Replacement Warranty can be added to your motorcycle insurance policy. In the event of a covered loss, this protection covers the loss by depreciation on the vehicle and its equipment.

Be sure to declare accessories and equipment

The cost of accessories and equipment can significantly affect the value of your motorcycle. (leather suitcase, chrome accessories, sidecar). It is important that you provide us with the total amount so that we can add it to the value of the motorcycle.

Indispensable additional guarantees

Loss of Use Extension Endorsement (FAQ no 20-20a)

If an accident occurs while you are travelling in the United States or Canada and your motorcycle is no longer operable, the FAQ 20a endorsement provides an amount for a vehicle rental while yours is being repaired. This endorsement also covers any travel expenses incurred to continue your trip or to return home, such as meals, accommodations and shipping of personal effects.

Accident Benefits (FAQ 34)

Some of our insurers offer Accident Benefits (FAQ 34) that provides a death benefit or the reimbursement of certain medical expenses when you are the victim of a motorcycle accident.

Practical road assistance

Some of our insurers offer a road assistance program. In the event a problem occurs on the road, the insurer will provide a towing service for your motorcycle. This service is available throughout Canada and the United States. A bilingual person will answer your call and make sure you get immediate road assistance when necessary. Road assistance generally covers:

  • Battery boosting
  • Gasoline delivery
  • Towing, in case of breakdown or flat tire
  • Safe storage of your motorcycle
  • An emergency message to the person of your choice
  • Refund for an overnight stay at a hotel

** Each of the endorsements may carry certain restrictions. Please contact us for further details. **

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