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Aviva - MaxNeige

IMPORTANT: Amendment to the off-road vehicles law:

Since June 13, 2006, all off-road vehicles drivers must be at least 16 years old. Drivers under 18 must hold a certificate of proficiency.

Under the off-road vehicles law, owners of all-terrain vehicle must have an FPQ #1 insurance contract, guaranteeing compensation for material damage or injury caused by their vehicle. The minimum amount required by the law is $ 500 000.

You can increase your liability limit to $ 2 000 000 via your insurance broker.

The MaxNeige program has two major sections:

Liability insurance included in the trail right of access. Indeed, by obtaining the right of access to trails, snowmobiler member of the FCMQ will automatically become the holder of a of $ 500 000 liability insurance. By integrating this assurance to the right of access to trails, FCMQ in partnership with MaxNeige, protects each of its members in case of accident.
Damage to the snowmobile.

MaxNeige, the official program of true snowmobile enthusiasts.

* Certain conditions apply, check with your insurance broker for more information.

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