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Economical - Advantage 5/45 Endorsement


This endorsement is to improve the basic coverage and develop insured’s loyalty by offering the seven (7) following residential insurance advantages :

  • Personal property of a parent confined to a nursing or retirement home :  $7 500;
  • One Deductible for Combined Automobile and Residential Occurrence;
  • Secondary Dwelling (Residence) Theft :  $5 000;
  • Deductible waiver up to $300 for claims of $10 000 and over;
  • Building settlement:  Actual Cash Value +10% should be insured choose not to rebuild;
  • Guaranteed Claims Service.
  • Insured is 45 years of age and older;
  • 5 years claims-free experience;
  • Building that is 25 years and newer.

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