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Aviva - Identity theft

One of the most valuable things you have is your identity. By identifying yourself, you’re given access to your bank accounts, credit cards, credit history, internet use and more – so it’s scary to think that your identity could be stolen or used by someone else.

Identity theft is a growing crime across Canada and the United States, usually involving credit and credit card information, but also including social insurance fraud, drivers licenses, bank accounts, mail theft, fraudulent emails (commonly referred to as phishing), and theft from company and government databases. Each year, it’s estimated that billions of dollars are lost as a result of Identity Theft. The impact not only includes direct financial loss, but also, indirectly, damage to your credit rating and reputation. It often takes months of work and substantial personal expenses to recover.

Superior coverage

Although some credit cards provide limited protection, Aviva’s industry-leading Identity Theft package provides comprehensive protection for you and your family, including the following coverages associated with identity theft.

Enhanced Credit Card and Automated Teller coverage

Lost wages as a result of taking time off from work to get help

Legal fees Registered mail costs

Long distance telephone charges

Notary costs for affidavits and documentsAviva’s coverage also offers you free access to our exclusive:

Credit Card Registry Hotline

Legal Assistance Helpline


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