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Legal expense insurance for companies with DAS Business

Legal expense insurance for companies with DAS Business

Every company has only one desire: to focus on customer satisfaction. However, the reality is often different. Indeed, as a business manager, you must deal daily with all kinds of situations such as disputes with employees, tax investigations, health and safety issues etc ...

The expense and legal advice DAS Business insurance policy can help you by offering you legal advice from the best law firms in the country and protects your business from potential litigation costs of a commercial nature.

Among other things, the insurance costs and legal advice DAS business protects your business from legal fees related to the following situations:

  • work-related disputes;
  • legal defense;
  • Statutory license protection;
  • the protection of property;
  • Property protection;
  • tax protection;
  • Court attendance expenses;
  • contractual disputes.

And that's not all! The DAS business policy also lets you get legal advice including tax advice as many times as you wish.

Want to know more? Don’t wait and contact an Intergroupe member firm in your area!

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