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Types of contracts

Whether you own or rent a house or condo, there are several types of contracts to meet your needs.

Some home insurance policies offer minimal coverage while others provide more extensive protection. All contracts usually include an amount to cover your personal civil liability.

Let's take a closer look at the various types of contracts.

"All Risk" Insurance

This type of contract, often known as general or comprehensive insurance, covers all risks except those specified as being excluded from the contract. They offer the best coverage on the market and are the type we normally provide.

"All risk" insurance provides many benefits. Often, coverage will also extend to the damage you cause to your own possessions. For example, your child who spills his gouache paints on your beautiful white wool carpet.

Policies referred to as "All risk" are often issued under a single amount. They are more flexible and can combine the house, contents, outbuildings and additional living expenses for one single amount. Thus, if coverage falls short in one section of the contract, the surplus from another section can be used.

"All Risk / Named Perils" Insurance

This type of contract includes two types of coverage. The first applies to the dwelling and covers all risks except those specifically excluded by the policy. The second covers the contents for a limited number of risks.

This type of contract is obviously more economical.

"Named Perils" Insurance

Often known as "Standard", this type of contract covers the risks specifically mentioned in the policy, such as fire, vandalism and theft, falling objects, land vehicle impact, hail or windstorms.

Be sure to read your contract!

We recommend you to take a few minutes to go over your home insurance contract. Contact us if you have any questions - we will be happy to assist you.

We are uniquely qualified to help you select the type of contract you need.

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