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Union Canadienne - PACTE

A PACTE To Protect You

Auto insurance contracts are relatively standard. The differences are in the additional coverages that you choose. You can select individual coverages or go for a pre-established package: that's what PACTE offers you.

A product exclusive to L'UNION CANADIENNE, PACTE contains the most popular auto coverages. Here are some examples:

No deductible to pay, up to $500 in the event of a hit-and-run or of a total loss of your vehicle
Extended coverage which would allow you, for example, to cover the cost of renting a car if you have a responsible accident, or to pay additional living expenses if necessary (up to $1 500 at a maximum of $50 per day, and additional expenses of up to $750)
Coverage for the other designated drivers who live under your roof, when they drive a vehicle which is not listed on your policy
Coverage up to $40 000 for a rented or borrowed vehicle
Compensation in the event of a death which occurs up to 12 months following an auto accident (limit of $15 000)
To obtain PACTE without cost, all you have to do is combine the purchase of your home and auto insurance policies: it's our LIAISON program. PACTE +, as its name implies, offers even more: it's available with the 2-year policies!

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