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ACE INA Insurance and ACE INA Life Insurance are members of the ACE Group of Companies. The ACE Group is a global commercial property and casualty and accident and health insurance company serving local market clients as well as large multinationals. With a strong underwriting ethos and a broad range of products, we embrace the challenge of helping our clients mitigate and manage the risks inherent in their pursuit of progress all around the world. The ACE approach begins with a broad perspective on the constantly changing state of risk - a perspective enriched by the diversity of the ACE global network. But perspectives alone do not create client or shareholder value unless translated into strategy and practical action. ACE underwriters and claims professionals - backed by a management team that is deep, experienced and passionate about its profession, and by seasoned actuarial and financial experts - possess the kinds of insights into risk that only come with the wisdom of many time-tested years and industry cycles. As a result, ACE professionals are well-placed to execute their mission and are biased toward action.


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